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Remote Control of A720

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Remote Control of A720
« on: 03 / January / 2016, 20:45:29 »
Is there such a thing as remote control of the Canon A720? 
Years ago I had an A40 and the Canon software would let you trigger a picture from the PC and then auto-upload it so you could see it. 
I have a similar need now, with these functional requirements / preferences :

1) interface runs on a MAC
2) trigger the camera from the MAC (preferred), could trigger from the camera shutter button
3) preview would be nice
4) upload the picture or at least provide some kind of preview
5) identify the filename - display on screen but write it to a file would be better

The activity is to set up a camera on a tripod and take pictures of inventory items.
The filename could be used as an inventory tag on the item, and all of it recorded in an XLS for documentation.

Without some automation, possible problems are
1) Don't know what the picture looks like until later
2) Filename may get out of sequence with item (bad shot, retake, discarded, etc) - think of printing a label in real time with what you *think* the filename (number) is and label several items but find out you were one off...

Re: Remote Control of A720
« Reply #1 on: 03 / January / 2016, 20:52:50 »
I think you are looking for something like this :  chdkptp

Although AFAIK it isn't supported on a Mac but there are some notes about that : OSX

You might want to reconsider your PC choice - a dedicate low end $250 PC might be a whole lot easier than trying to get Mac software to do this.
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Re: Remote Control of A720
« Reply #2 on: 03 / January / 2016, 21:18:09 »
Thank-You waterwingzchdkptp may be useful - will look at the features in more detail.
No problem with a PC - I have a couple sitting around, but am trying to move to MAC.


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