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contae.lua: Raw meter based auto exposure for continuous shooting

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This is a script I developed while working on the raw shooting hooks. It provides autoexposure while shooting in continuous mode. Exposure is adjusted based on the previous shot, so may not be optimal, but can provide a large improvement over the standard fixed exposure in some situations.

Wiki page with details and download link: (Current version also attached to this post)

Please post bug reports, suggestions and questions in this thread.

If you do something cool with it, posting in creative uses of CHDK section is encouraged.

Changes in v0.12 (Aug 6, 2017)
* If "ISO Adj Tv" is set longer than "Max Tv", it is now set to "Max Tv", meaning the ISO adjustment will start when shutter adjestment ends. This fixes a bug where the "Max Tv" limit would be ignored. To disable ISO adjustment, set "Target ISO" and "Max ISO" to the same value. Thanks SkepticaLee for the report.
* Fixed bug that where some display would freeze until the end of the raw timeout at the end of a continuous burst.

Changes in v0.11 (Apr 2, 2016)
* Fixed a bug that caused exposure to stop increasing when Max ISO was hit, regardless of Max Tv. Thanks udo for the report.
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