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Auto switch-on Ixus/Powershot for long timelapse?

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Auto switch-on Ixus/Powershot for long timelapse?
« on: 22 / February / 2016, 14:21:05 »
Hi, I own an Ixus 850 IS cam which I have configured using CHDK to shoot pictures every 15 minutes during daylight. It shall be used for several month to show the construction progress of a new building, knowing the issues of such a long time frame.

The camera is connected via a fake battery to a power socket. If power fails for a few hours or even a day it doesn't matter for this project. But right now I fiddle around the problem that after interrupting the power the power button needs to be pressed to continue shooting. I've attempted multiple solutions like a home-made bracket to press the button which seemed to be fine at first sight, but doesn't work anymore after three month due to temperature change or so. I also disassembled the cam and tried to solder the metal contacts of the power button, unfortunately without success.

Is there any possibility to reliable short-circuit the power of the Canon Ixus 850 IS model? Or, alternatively, I've heard that there is a Powershot camera on the market providing a settings item to switch on when power is plugged in. Which model is it and does it support CHDK?

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Re: Auto switch-on Ixus/Powershot for long timelapse?
« Reply #1 on: 22 / February / 2016, 15:52:51 »
AFAIK, hardware mods or holding down the power switch is the only known solution for most cameras. A solder or switch replacement should be the same as holding down if you do it correctly.

There are a very few cameras that will power on when USB power is sensed. AFAIK the powershot N / N facebook is the only relatively recent, CHDK supported camera that does this (these are on sale in the Canon US refurb site, BTW:

Other cameras that do this are all very old, like the S2IS and S3IS. Some are listed on with "wake up: OK"
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