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zoom problem sx260hs

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Re: zoom problem sx260hs
« Reply #10 on: 12 / April / 2016, 22:39:16 »
I consider forcing unneeded delays to be a negative consequence. An extra 1/3 of a second to finish zooming may not matter in most cases, but it isn't nothing.
Agreed that it's not a lot.  And the result of not adding that seems to be a random progressions of not well tested camera ports that need the delay but don't have it.  When those cameras crash, I suspect many new users just give up on CHDK.  Some of the rest may come here for help.   

Trade offs - stability improvements vs a delay most people will never realize is there.

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Re: zoom problem sx260hs
« Reply #11 on: 13 / April / 2016, 11:17:37 »
I want to comment that this version of CHDK the camera adjusts the zoom smoothly. Run the kap uav smoothly at any zoom level.
Thanks for leaving feedback. I'll make this change official soon. edit: Done, changesets 4587 (trunk) and 4588 (1.4)

So does the use of the word "missing" imply that this should simply be enabled for all cameras? 

Not complaining here, but I posted a test script to try and narrow down the problem - fully expecting the result to be one of the camera.h ZOOM #defines ( e.g. CAM_NEED_SET_ZOOM_DELAY CAM_USE_ALT_SET_ZOOM_POINT CAM_USE_ALT_PT_MoveOpticalZoomAt CAM_USE_OPTICAL_MAX_ZOOM_STATUS ).  You jumped straight to CAM_NEED_SET_ZOOM_DELAY - which would have been my first choice too once the test script confirmed it's not a problem with kap_uav.lua.
There have been several similar reports in the last months and now I simply remember that CAM_NEED_SET_ZOOM_DELAY is the primary suspect (without looking, some combinations of the zoom related defines end up using a firmware function that returns before lens movements stop).
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