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Canon PowerShot SD1000 Determine Firmware (Solved)

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Canon PowerShot SD1000 Determine Firmware (Solved)
« on: 07 / May / 2008, 09:38:42 »
Hello all,

I have read through the FAQ and a few other articles online that show how to determine the firmware version of your camera. I have done the following:

1) Created a file called ver.req and made sure it was not a text file
2) Copied it to the root directory on my SD card
3) Put the SD card in my camera
4) Turned it on in review mode (play mode) and held the FUNC. SET, then pressed and held the DISP. buttons.

All I got was some rotating boxes showing the current time.

I read a forum post that said you could get additional information by naming the file vers.req so I tried that as well. So far, I have had no luck determining the version of my firmware. I would greatly appreciate some pointers as CHDK looks like it would be an awesome way for me to get RAW support without purchasing a whole new camera.

Thanks for your help :-)
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Re: Canon PowerShot SD1000 Determine Firmware
« Reply #1 on: 07 / May / 2008, 09:45:43 »
Heh...I feel like a dumbass.

I just got it to work. Apparently I was pressing the buttons too quickly. In hopes that someone else doesn't make a stupid post like me: you must wait for the camera to fully load into review mode before pressing and holding the  FUNC. SET and DISP buttons...then it pops up very quickly. Anyone think this might be a useful addition to the FAQ? If so, I would be happy to add it.


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Re: Canon PowerShot SD1000 Determine Firmware
« Reply #2 on: 07 / May / 2008, 10:59:50 »
Yeah sure,its a wiki,go ahead.every piece of information is good information.


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