Using one canon adapter to power multiple cameras

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Using one canon adapter to power multiple cameras
« on: 27 / April / 2016, 12:49:33 »
Power Output of the ack800 adapter is 3.15 V, 2.0 A and presumeably that's what a A550 needs
How many cameras could I run off just one adapter, soldering barrel connector leads to the output wire from the adapter?
Going to have 3-8 cameras per station. Will just one adapter plugged into 110ac  provide the juice to power more than just one? or will it overheat and melt with 5 cameras running off it?
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Re: Using one canon adapter to power multiple cameras
« Reply #1 on: 27 / April / 2016, 13:24:23 »
No direct experience, but I would not suggest running more than one camera per adapter. Marginal power supply can cause all kinds of weird, difficult to debug issues before the smoke comes out (but don't blame me if you try it and the smoke comes out first)

If you want to run more than one camera from a single supply, you should probably buy one with a higher output.

You can find some discussion of power consumption on the a590 in

Some links in that thread are dead, content is archived in

Note that while sustianed power draw is well under 2A, the peak load in various parts of the shooting process can be quite high. Since multicam rigs generally want to shoot all the cameras at once, you need to handle the max load on all simultaneously.

Some related discussion
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