Search broken if not logged in

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Search broken if not logged in
« on: 22 / April / 2016, 21:34:10 »

I wanted to search the forum using the internal search feature, and not just google-blast results with

I was wholly unable to complete a search successfully without registering and being logged in.

Is this supposed to be broken?

If not, can you please try and fix it?




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Re: Search broken if not logged in
« Reply #1 on: 22 / April / 2016, 21:46:27 »
Agree, it seems to be broken.

Logged out I see a recaptcha "I'm not a robot" checkbox, check it, do the image challenge that appears, and then when I press search it says "Please enter the verification code below to continue to the results."

FWIW, I find google site:... often works better anyway, but forum search can be better for filtering by user or subforum
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Re: Search broken if not logged in
« Reply #2 on: 03 / May / 2016, 21:58:03 »

Thanks for reporting this guys, I appreciate it.

Please refer to this unified post for further discussion:
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