Continuous video recording

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Continuous video recording
« on: 16 / May / 2016, 04:23:59 »
I would like to set one of my ixus 115 for continuous video recording (in my car).
The EVT (extended video time) feature provided by CHDK is perfect feature to bypass the ten minutes video rec limit.
The Continuous Video Scripts by msl is a perfect starting point to bypass the 4 gb file size limit.
Now i just need a way to automatically delete the first of a series recordered file mov when the card is near to full.
It maybe msl could help me?


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Re: Continuous video recording
« Reply #1 on: 16 / May / 2016, 14:41:00 »
This should be not a too big deal. But I'm not a fan for deleting of captured files via script. Maybe we get trouble with the Canon system, e.g. review, thumb files and other.

By the way, today sd cards are very cheap.

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