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A560 Tlapse1 Turn raw off?

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Re: A560 Tlapse1 Turn raw off?
« Reply #10 on: 08 / January / 2016, 12:51:03 »
Well, thats just it. "A lot of work... " lol.

It would be even more than you think as I would have to do a couple of months on learning the scripting language first. And, then there is the problem with RAW and storage, as that has been the reason I needed to automatically turn raw off.

No, I think I am good with just doing it in post as this is a little sub project to experiment with in between my normal client projects. My challenge was that the crop script would take over my workstation and keep me from said client projects. I was just too lazy to go set up my older machine and let it run the whole thing over there until I am ready for editing the clips together.

Thanks again.



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