Sometimes Powershot S100 starts in "playback" mode.

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Sometimes Powershot S100 starts in "playback" mode.
« on: 12 / July / 2016, 11:21:49 »
Hi, I have a well working LUA script, - it always starts in shooting mode, due to:


if there are no photos on the SD, it'll rather start in play mode saying "no image" , then I need to stop/start my script.
The script does start, just don't extend the lens, (the code above is ignored)
Same happens occasionally when there are pictures, showing last picture - and it needs stop/start (by pressing shutter) to go into shooting mode.

It's used for robotics, so it's really inconvenient.
How can I ensure shooting mode?

Re: Sometimes Powershot S100 starts in "playback" mode.
« Reply #1 on: 12 / July / 2016, 11:43:10 »
solved by simply repeating the press/release code.  twice seems to fix it always.


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Re: Sometimes Powershot S100 starts in "playback" mode.
« Reply #2 on: 12 / July / 2016, 13:45:48 »
I would guess the canon firmware is busy right after startup and sometimes misses the key press.

It would be interesting to know if just using a longer delay with a single press is enough, you could do something like
repeat sleep(10) until get_mode()
to hold the button down until it switches.

If you actually have to click twice, that might be a bug.

FWIW, I would normally use set_record(true) to switch to shooting mode in a script, but it's possible that using this right after boot could have problems too.

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