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high precision timed mecha shutter

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high precision timed mecha shutter
« on: 27 / July / 2016, 19:01:24 »
A simple command to open/close the mecha shutter for precise time intervals.  Should be pretty easy to implement.  The problem is that this can't be done in script with enough time precision.

Code: [Select]
multiple_exp(exp1, delay1, exp2, delay2, exp3, delay3...exp9, delay9) where expX is how long the mecha shutter is open, and delay is just a delay.  Time in milliseconds at least, though 1/10000 is the smallest useful values.

Artistic effects
-Some music videos have used such an effect with dancers, with their clones following their movements behind them.  Imagine not just two equal exposures, but multiple and varied exposures, for example from quick to longer, on a sports action or dance movement, would give the effect of the last picture being brightest and the previous ones in shades, giving a real sense of depth and movement, if you can follow me.  Other than 2nd curtain, this effect is impossible to do currently, it would be unique to CHDK.
Code: [Select]
multiple_exp(20,100,10,100,5,100)#main and two shadow copies of human movement
-You could even have star trails spell out morse code! Wouldn't that be a freaky picture, as if aliens were trying to tell us something, or the stars were just an illusion. 
Code: [Select]
multiple_exp(long_dash,space,long_dash,space,long_dash,space,short_dash,space,short_dash,space,short_dash,space,long_dash,space,long_dash,space,long_dash,space)#SOS for star trails
-Or imagine something falling, you could even have the middle picture the longest exposure, to show time as an illusion that can go both ways (as the artistic interpretation).  I can think of lots of things to do with this.
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multiple_exp(10,10,20,5,10)#something falling, 2nd shot brightest, attempt to make equal spacing during acceleration of gravity
*tbh, it would be even more useful if ISO could be set as well, though I don't know if that's possible, for example in my falling object shot, I want the motion blur to be of controlled lengths and independent control of the brightness of the object
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Re: high precision timed mecha shutter
« Reply #1 on: 28 / July / 2016, 00:41:50 »
I just want to mention that equally in time spaced versions of this effect have been done before, for example a strobe light effect, or through a video filter.  The video editor method is limited to 30fps (or 60fps nowadays), but can apply some shading to the previous in time frames, while the strobe light is usually even spacing in time and equal brightness, but variable speed.  What I am proposing is completely freely chosen duration and spacing, for exact control of the moments of the 'strobe' (not a strobe, I mean done through shutter openings) and it's duration or amount of motion blur.


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