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110g DIGIC 5 camera

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110g DIGIC 5 camera
« on: 23 / August / 2016, 23:37:50 »
I wanted to share my recent successes with the Powershot N. My goal was to setup the N to be as UAV friendly as possible both in functionality and weight.

I removed the flip up touchscreen on the powershot N, significantly reducing the weight. 110g per my scale. a reduction of 66g (86g if you include the battery) This is significant compared to other digic 5 cameras like the sx260 which weight in at 226g (w/ external power mod)

I implemented an external battery modification I have used on other cameras to increase the number of shots I can during a flight. It is a modified DC coupler and a variable voltage step down converter that supplies the same voltage as the stock battery from any 3s lipo. This really simplifies things for me and works very well. [/font]

I also removed the tab on the sd card hatch that tells the camera the hatch is shut so CHDK boots automatically.

I tested the modified N with CHDKPTP CLI running on a raspi, this worked perfectly as did a usb trigger / Ardupilot w/ KAP/UAV script.

I have two sd cards setup one optimized for KAP/UAV and the other for CHDKPTP.

Here's a link to some photos of the setup if anyone cares to take a look:


Thank you to @waterwingz, and @reyalp for there guidance and assistance :)
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Re: 110g DIGIC 5 camera
« Reply #1 on: 24 / August / 2016, 00:15:52 »
Nice - thanks for posting this.   

It looks like there are some other metal parts you could strip off?  Like the post for attaching the camera strap and maybe the rings for zoom and shutter button?

I think about those extreme lightweight hikers who drill holes in the handles of their spoon and fork to reduce weight ...
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Re: 110g DIGIC 5 camera
« Reply #2 on: 24 / August / 2016, 00:49:56 »
funny you mention ultralight backpacking. This is a hobby of mine. I am an avid fastpacker :)

Definitely parallels between these two disciplines

I was thinking about removing the rings, but was worried about creating a gap for dust and such to enter. Might give it a shot later though.

The camera straps almost came off, but I couldn't get to the screw holding the one on the right (when looking at the back of the camera), so I left both on to keep things even


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