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« on: 14 / September / 2016, 14:39:22 »
Hi folks need a bit of help please. I have 2 canon PS cameras the A480 and the SX200is. The 480 allowed me to set the SD card as bootable and works perfectly, however the SX200 is whilst it works fine if you load CHDK every time, but will not allow me to make the SD card bootable. I use the built in CHDK method to make the SD bootable.

Am I doing something wrong on the IS200??

I use exactly the same methodology on the IS 200 but it will not boot to CKDK just advises me the SD card is locked.

I am quite new at this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Re: SX200is
« Reply #1 on: 14 / September / 2016, 16:14:13 »
How big is the card you are using on the sx200? Older cameras like the sx200is and a480 can only boot from FAT16 partitions. Cards larger than 2 GB will generally be formatted FAT32, and cannot be made bootable for these cameras. You can format 4 GB cards FAT16 on a PC, but for larger cards you must use multiple partitions.

You can try using stick to prepare your cards

Alternatively, if you have a card that boots in the A480, it should work on the sx200 if you just copy over the files from the sx200 zip.
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