Screw size and advice for opening Powershot D10?

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Screw size and advice for opening Powershot D10?
« on: 21 / September / 2016, 20:59:17 »
I want to see if it's possible to adapt the power button so that external controller can autostart CHDK script. Only considering this as last resort with a camera long out of warranty!

Does anyone know exact size of main screws in the camera body? They are not Phillips/JIS, different to other P&S cameras I've looked at. Maybe different because it's intended for underwater use.  (Even if opening/closing goes well, I don't expect to use this camera underwater again.)

 Screws look like hex socket but standard hex keys did not fit. I need to order the right tool - hoping someone knows exact size/type please?

Also hoping someone might have experience with opening and disassembly of this camera. Many thanks for all help!
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