Software to Find and Fix Corrupt Files on FAT32 and exFAT SD Cards?

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Offline KenO

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By accident I found my Nook Tablet is corrupting both my FAT32 and exFAT SD Cards just by inserting them in this device. When I install  a Good mSD Card in my Nook Tablet it asks if should Format.  Even if cancel Format somehow the SD Card becomes Damaged.  I accidentally did this to a Good 64GB Card that before this worked in both the Note 3 and my PC. Now it does not work in either!  Later repeated this with FAT32 SD Cards with same result.  Googled and found  Droid Charge: Damaged SD card Error / Won't Mount - Fix??

I am searching for software that will tell me what files are damaged.

Also appreciate any software recommendations for fixing these cards without Formatting. Same posting mentioned using CHKDSK to do this.




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