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Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #10 on: 02 / December / 2007, 14:05:01 »
ahh now I undestand
you send command to LPT1 -data set 5V in data pins
you use pin 18 (GND) and pin 1 or 2...9 (Address, Data or RLE Data Bit )

you have own program to send data to LPT?
command line or with GUI interface?
could you sharing this program ? or tell us where we we find similar program ?
if I had program like this I can control my camera from PC-use Fingalo firmware and scripts
I found PSRemote to control Canon cameras but I don`t now why program not support 710 IS

Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #11 on: 02 / December / 2007, 14:10:00 »
I use a .NET program with inpout32.dll (a small utility) wich can access the lineprinter port.  If you have an LPT port and XP with .NET installed, my program probably will work. You need to connect two wires, one on pin 25 (ground)  one on pin 2 (USB signal) in the LPT connector and the other ends to the USB remote connector.

Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #12 on: 02 / December / 2007, 14:30:01 »
yes I have WinXP and .NET
and soldering iron/tool and  determination ;)
now I need yours program and litte info how change time signals (more or less letter to send to LPT?)

Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #13 on: 02 / December / 2007, 17:09:23 »
Mr Cat, I couldn't send email to you. On my site I put in remote section. Unpack and copy the inpout32.dll to windows/system32. If you then run the exe file you will see 5 buttons and also you can change the timing for each button, however they cannot be saved. When clicking on a button, it will set the pin 2 to high level for the time specified.

Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #14 on: 02 / December / 2007, 23:27:32 »
many THX Fingalo!!!

this is IT what I need
you should add
-screenshot program
-schema LPT pins
-small info to yours homepage
this program be VERY helpfull to others and testing Canon cameras

Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #15 on: 02 / December / 2007, 23:40:02 »
maybe if you could put source code yours program
we can add more buttons and own description to buttons

Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #16 on: 03 / December / 2007, 16:35:25 »
I make connection cable printer port LPT---> USB
and testing Fingalo program to send short signal to my 710IS

if I use first command "zoom in" and zoom set to 6.0 X I can`t send any new command
I don`t see on LCD screen in script window new "a value" and any button don`t work
sometimes if I use "zoom in" then "StopZ" and set zoom to 6.0 X then combine "zoom in" "zoom out" "StopZ" "shoot" it works OK
but many times if set zoom to zero or 6.0 X script in camera hang and I must interrupted script and start script agins

why ? I don`t know I must try set diffrend times in script and Fingalo program and testing
maybe GrAnd program is more stable but I don`t have GrAnd program.


Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #17 on: 21 / December / 2007, 16:10:43 »
 I try wrote program like Fingalo
 to multi control (multibutton) Canon camera from PC program.
I am not programmer ,I was hear about Delphi language five days ago.....
My program using zlportio.sys library to communicate with LPT port, 20 buttons to send commands, near buttons SEND is 2 small windows with ACTION description and TIME (msec.), save konfig.ini file is to C:\
I know I know...program have dirty source code and I shoud use C++ ,but Delphi is simple to me-child programmer ;)

Program work a little unstable like Fingalo version
Fingalo says:
"For ex. using press "zoom_in" you will have to stop zooming with release "zoom_in".
I tried to use the commands set_zoom_speed x and set_zoom x instead, but these are not working very well, the camera will shut down almost every time after giving these commands. There is a bugreport about that on the Wiki since June."

Program DOWNLOAD here:
chdk remote - 0.50MB

(parmon.exe is a Paraller Port Monitor, to send command ,I use pin 2 LPT port,
if you send command "long" time you see-pin 2 green be red and green again)


test yours camera first using script:

Code: [Select]
@title test remote
a = get_usb_power
until a>0
if a>0 then print a
until is_key "set"

and reseat time program-camera

Maybe is unstable but is I don`t need plug in/out camera from USB and count time on my fingers ;)



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Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #18 on: 15 / May / 2008, 17:27:26 »
Is there any command that would force camera to send signal through USB?


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Re: get_usb_power
« Reply #19 on: 16 / May / 2008, 12:04:10 »
Is there any command that would force camera to send signal through USB?

No, we don't know how to control the USB port yet.


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