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Focus Stacking on Elph310HS/Ixus230HS

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Re: Focus Stacking on Elph310HS/Ixus230HS
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Way more important though is the ability to set a timer, or take a series of photos.  I saw you mentioned the USB remote, but I was hoping there could be a script or something instead.  It seems so simple.  To have this DOF refocusing in continuous mode, but also have it auto taking the photos so pushing the button doesn't give it camera shake.    Any thoughts?   
I took a quick look at the various focus stacking scripts.  As expected, they don't take advantage of the most recent CHDK features as they are all quite old and tend to be camera model specific and require a lot of user setup.

So I created a new script to just play around with this a bit.  Using script user input parameters, it lets you set things like the starting distance (in mm), the focus step increment (mm, or DOF, or DOF/2), and the end distance or the number of increments to make.  The script knows how to setup each camera the right way for MF operation so it's camera model independent. That part is all done and I'm now adding the ability to tweak the initial focus using the keypad left&right keys.

I've lost track of what you liked and didn't like about the existing scripts (other than them not working well) so have I missed anything here?
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