Powering EOS M3/M10 throught night time timelapse situations

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Re: Powering EOS M3/M10 throught night time timelapse situations
« Reply #20 on: 11 / March / 2017, 05:47:49 »
I Acquired a carrying case for the M3/M10 and the fake battery plus cable for the M3/M10.
Next I will get the batteries, case and charger for the 18650's.


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Re: Powering EOS M3/M10 throught night time timelapse situations
« Reply #21 on: 20 / June / 2017, 14:49:00 »
Hey guys, interesting topic, I also have the external power questions for my SX530HS and M10.  Having enough Amps is key, as many people have said.

Some sources for various Vregs below.  Hopefully the info is useful to your experiments.

For my ixus160 rig, I use this buck V reg:
It is   3 - 35V input, adjustable output, 2A continuous
I give it input of 19V, and step down to 4.1V at fake battery.  Best camera results and reliability.

This buck Vreg seems to fit your requirements of 7.4V @ 4A as long as your battery pack is enough volts more than 7.4
It is ?(9) ~ 40V input, 7.5V output, 15A
I have not used this one yet, but might be promising for M10.

If high amps AND different input/output voltages are required, as if many cams sharing a common power supply, you may be interested in this buck boost Vreg. 
It is     6-34V input, 5-24V output, 15A continuous
In my rig, I give it input from 12V batteries and make 19V output. 

And this device is not a Vreg, but is useful in external battery configurations.  It switches between the highest of 2 input voltage sources to a common output.
With this, I can disconnect half of my batteries and rig continues to run.  The Intel NUC at receiving end does not notice the switch..

Anyway, hope the info is useful.  Looking forward to hearing more about your experiments!

Re: Powering EOS M3/M10 throught night time timelapse situations
« Reply #22 on: 21 / June / 2017, 02:08:08 »
I still favor a solution with a power bank for all my cameras.
The operation of my S110 and SX50 is thus no problem, since they need 3.7V.

However, I did not have time to worry about it.
This is a transitional solution:
EOS M3 101a, 2*G1x (101a,100e), S110 (103a), SX50 (100c), SX230 (101a), IXUS160 (100a), IXUS30 (100k), 2*S45,
Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTH0tHy9OYTVDzWIvXEMlw/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd


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