A new CHDK version stripped to the 'bare metal' (almost)

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A new CHDK version stripped to the 'bare metal' (almost)
« on: 21 / February / 2017, 15:36:49 »
David Sykes, the author of SDM, contacted me because he knows of my interest
in Multicam applications.

He has deconstructed Changeset 4755 and removed most features except  scripting, PTP, remote and synchronised shooting.

In addition there are no symbols, rbf fonts or so-called RAW support.
This makes the code far easier to understand for developers who want to
create their own customised versions.

You can now see 'the wood for the trees'.

If you are not happy about a missing feature, you can add it yourself.
David says you are welcome to upload it and commit as a branch of CHDK:

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