newbie: SD800IS - 1.60-148-ixus850... how do I get to the CHDK features?

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Ok, I got the firware downloaded, put the two files into the root folder of the SD card, clicked firmware update, the camera rebooted, i got a splash screen that shows - "Stereo Data Maker download from..."

Is that the splash screen I am supposed to get and if yes, how do I access the CHDK features? I don't see any changes to the menu other than battery level indicator.



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stereo data maker is a special flavor of chdk, i dont know if you downloaded that on purpose (only makes sense if you own two cameras actually). normally one would get chdk from here:
Index of /hdk/autobuild/
anyways, what you need is the ALT-mode. i suggest reading this excellent guide here: CHDK End-User's Guide - 02

how do I access the CHDK features?

Press the  button designated as ALT and then the menu button.

Even if you do not need stereo features you also have the most useful features from all other builds.



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