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a few Feature Requests

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a few Feature Requests
« on: 09 / December / 2007, 16:32:53 »
a few Feature Requests
few is mine few other people:

Artificial horizon.

I would be great if the grid could adjust itself to the orientation of the camera. If you have 2 grids one for horizontal and one for vertical and CHCK would use the right one depending on the orientation of the camera. (or if the sensor gives a value in degrees, an artificial horizon like on air planes would be great)

Start a script that waits for a audio signal to do a remote shoot.
possible??? stiupid??? ;)
Motion detection with display off
fraction 1/3 on LCD screen or similar

If I have in script

for a=1 to 9 print a/3 next a

I see now on LCD screen: 0 0 1 1 1 2 2 2 3

now I must define if a=1 then print "1/3" if a=2 then print "2/3" .....etc

I want see fractions on LCD screen: 1/3 2/3 1 (no 3/3) 1 1/3 1 2/3 2 (no 6/2) 2 1/3 2 2/3 3 (no 9/3)

no limit "param x"

@param x (label)

The "x" in that line will be one of any lower-case latin letter from a to j. The (label) is >the text string that will appear in your "----Script Parameters----" list, to let the end >user know which of the variables they are changing (i.e. number of shots, how many >steps, etc.). Up to 10 @param statments, user-controllable variables, may be used in any one script.

I want the ability to use any variable here (a-z,A-Z) not just 'a' thru 'j', and more than 10 total variables.

Script window

position, size ,turn on/off , font size --->"script window"

I want sometimes move this window from default left-down position



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