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Ixus275/Elph350 HS porting thread

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Ixus275/Elph350 HS porting thread
« on: 27 / May / 2017, 17:25:28 »
Here is the initial source code for the Ixus275_Elph350 camera,firmware 100a.
I do not have a camera, so it's worth noting that nothing has been tested.
Any use is at your own risk.

The obvious disadvantages are:
-propset has not been checked
-modemap should be checked
-the WiFi(Connect) key is not in the keymap
-probably needed extra hack for kbd.c, similar to the ixus 175
For further work is needed the help of someone who has a camera with firmware 100a, if the CHDK can be load correctly and if the display is functional.


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