Maximum operating voltage of the G1x / M3 / M10

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    Maximum operating voltage of the G1x / M3 / M10
    « on: 14 / June / 2017, 02:36:09 »
    With longer time lapse recordings I had my G1x so far always with 6 AA NiMh batteries operated in a sixfold battery holder. This worked very well. However, the batteries for me now for the third time at security checks at the airport took off.

    Which I seldom need this kind of power supply I now consider whether I can not use simple AA batteries. However, I come then in the worst case to a voltage of 6 * 1.6V = 9.6V.
    I could also reduce the voltage with a diode by 0.7V.

    I have not read anything about the maximum voltage of 7.4V cameras. From the S110, I know that there is still no problem with it with 5V.

    Would the operation with 9.6V on the G1x be a risk?
    How is it with the EOS M3 or M10. Can one say that if it works with the G1x also with the M3 / M10 is no problem?


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