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SX530HS (I can't find it)

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SX530HS (I can't find it)
« on: 16 / September / 2017, 23:37:06 »
You all are amazing about hacking just about every camera Canon makes.  I did a search for my camera model and I see references to the kit "doing this" or "not doing this" etc.  However, when I go to the downloads I don't see a download for my model.  This is confusing to me.  I see people on the forums discussing some of the different features of the 530HS but I can't find the kit for it :-(  Am I missing something?  By the way, I wasn't sure if there was a suitable sub in this forum for posting this particular inquiry so it went here into the general chat.


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Re: SX530HS (I can't find it)
« Reply #1 on: 17 / September / 2017, 06:42:03 »
Hi eaglesong!
Here you can find CHDK for your camera:

To properly install, you can use one of the apps mentioned at the top of this page:

You can set up questions about the sx530hs camera here:

If you have not used CHDK before, this is a good starting point:

Re: SX530HS (I can't find it)
« Reply #2 on: 17 / September / 2017, 15:43:16 »
Thank you very much for the reply.  I have, indeed used the CHDK before.  At this point I only purchase Canon cameras just so I have access to the CHDK.  I just wasn't able to find the kit for my camera on the wiki downloads page ( under either the stable or beta downloads.

I thank you profusely for linking me to the download on the other site.  Now I can FINALLY override the shutter speed limits and (hopefully, though I haven't looked at the capabilities of the kit) get some bracketing going on for HDR shots.


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