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GetCameraInformationData and AdjLog

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GetCameraInformationData and AdjLog
« on: 13 / October / 2019, 00:27:17 »
There is a reference to "freefall" in the firmware, which would appear to be output by GetCameraInformationData and seems like it might record something about whether a camera was dropped. I thought it might be interesting to get this on a camera that had a hard fall  but I haven't been able to figure where it goes. It seems like it could be related to "StartLogOut" "OutputLogToFile", AdjLog.txt etc. I was able to get content in AdjLog.txt using 
Code: [Select]
=return call_event_proc('FA.Create')
=return call_event_proc('InitializeAdjustmentSystem')
=return call_event_proc('StartLogOut',2,0x1000,0)
=return call_event_proc('OutputLogToFile')
However, calling GetCameraInformationData and (and GetTotalShootCount, which appears to use similar functions) didn't result in any output.

StartLogOut appears to take 3 arguments: mode, buffer size, and optional filename. Mode appears to range from -3 to +3, with +/-2 being connected to the AjdLog.txt, and the others possibly not.

There are also functions ActivateAdjLog and InactivateAdjLog, which appear to check a field in the adjlog related struct that I don't see being set anywhere.
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