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vidschedule.lua: record video clips on an aribtrary schedule

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vidschedule.lua: record video clips on an aribtrary schedule
« on: 01 / April / 2018, 16:59:44 »
Here's a script that records video clips on an arbitrary schedule. Unlike an intervalometer, the start date/time and length of each clip is defined in a list.

I wrote it to film the sky during possible Tiangong-1 reentry passes, which have now sadly shifted out of my area. It's not really polished, but I probably won't develop it more unless I need it again or someone else requests updates.

I've only run it on elph130 and sx710 and haven't tested it exhaustively. It did successfully record some very boring videos on the expected schedule while I slept.

Basic usage:
The list of times is defined in the 'schedule' array at the top of the script, with items like
Code: [Select]
{start={year=2018,month=4,day= 1,hour= 4,min=57},duration=(5*60)},
The format is a bit verbose but you can copy and paste once you have one. Duration is in seconds.

When the script runs, it looks at each item in order.
Items that end (start+duration) in the past are skipped, so if you interrupt the script and start again, it will pick up in the right place. Items are expected to be in chronological order.

Scheduling precision is ~a few seconds, because it only looks at os.time, and there is some overhead start/stopping recording, and it doesn't try to be really precise.

While the script is waiting or recording:
FUNC toggles the display on or off
MENU exits the script, stopping recording if needed.

There are two test modes to verify the sequence:
NoWait - records the specified video clips, without waiting for the start date
LogOnly - just log what it would do, without recording anything
In both cases the dates/times logs are simulated to show when it would actually run.

Log is saved in A/vidsched.csv, with a line for each item in the list.

Some things I would add if I were going to develop it more
* Load the schedule from a file, maybe CSV
* Switch to playback between clips
* Set zoom, subject distance
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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