IXUS 230 HS/Powershot ELPH 310 HS/IXY 600F Samantha Thavasa Limited Edition FW

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Hey Guys! Noob here

I Tried All ELPH 310 HS Fw on my Japan only Samantha Thavasa Special Edition IXY 600F  always says Update Error !!! :'(

pls send help


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If you're getting "Update file error" when executing "Firm update" in the playback menu, then the camera does not match the CHDK port you have on the card.
So, it's possible that the IXY 600F is not the equivalent of Ixus230 / Elph310.

To verify this theory, you could try making a firmware dump and sharing it.
In case you do have an unsupported model, the following applies: My camera isn't ported yet.

Another way to check the support status of your camera is to use STICK.
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