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chdkptp over network with usbip

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chdkptp over network with usbip
« on: 27 / January / 2018, 21:44:01 »
I stumbled on this looking for something else

It seems to work with chdkptp, I was able to use live view and remoteshoot on a debian VM connected to a camera on a raspberry pi. I did get an OOPS on the pi when the camera crashed due to the remoteshoot / playback bug, but it didn't seem to hurt anything.

Posting here since people have occasionally asked about ways of using chdkptp over a network

# = as root.

On both systems
Code: [Select]
# apt-get install usbip

On the server (host physically connected to the actual USB device)
Make sure the device is plugged in and powered on
Code: [Select]
# modprobe usbip_host
# usbipd -D
# usbip list --local
 - busid 1-1.3.2 (04a9:3265)
   Canon, Inc. : Powershot ELPH 130 IS / IXUS 140 (04a9:3265)
# usbip bind --busid=1-1.3.2
On the client (host you want to use the device remotely from)
Code: [Select]
# modprobe vhci-hcd
# usbip attach --remote= --busid=1-1.3.2
Then run chdkptp as normal.

You can see attachments on the client using
Code: [Select]
# usbip port

There are apparently usbip windows drivers, but I haven't tried them.

Users should note that usbip is totally unsecured.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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