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« on: 26 / April / 2018, 10:20:41 »
Sooo....searching was not my friend so far, so I figured I would just ask.  Is there anyone who has put together a DLL version of the necessary code to talk to a CHDK equipped camera via PTP.  I'm specifically looking for connect, image list, and image download, if that helps at all.  Unfortunately, my C-fu is not strong enough to do a DLL conversion myself, so I figured before I dove down that rabbit hole, I'd check and see if anyone else had already gone in that direction...


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« Reply #1 on: 26 / April / 2018, 13:39:52 »
Short answer:
No. Not as a ready to use, standalone library.

Longer answer:
If you just want the low level PTP protocol, compiling ptp.c from chdkptp ( or the chdkde ptpcam ( shouldn't be very difficult.

Note that the protocol is (by design) quite minimal, so do file listing, you need to run camera side lua code and return the results as returns or messages.

Other related stuff:
The is a .net library (, though I don't know know what the current state of it is.

Some people have also built chdkptp as lua shared library, for use with luapython e.g.

There is also some support for the CHDK extension in gphoto2. I don't know much about this

You could run chdkptp and pipe stdin/stdout or arrange some other communication channel.

If you describe a little more what you are trying to do, we might have other suggestions.
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