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Preserve contents of large pile of manual disks?

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Preserve contents of large pile of manual disks?
« on: 13 / April / 2022, 21:05:24 »
On the CHDK Google Drive we have a Manuals folder in English and German. I considered getting rid of a whole pile of Canon CD-Roms and figured I'd first salvage any manuals missing from that collection for that assembly. Sadly the manual disks are named crypticall.

Once at it I found the European ones to be structures of a plethora of languages. Maybe 200 or 300 MiB per Camera so by today's standards not a big deal to keep that. The question I have is do we want to? Even if it's a "why not" I'd just copy the discs into a by camera folder structure keeping their inner workings (linked PDFs) so whoever can just pick what they'd like in the future. Some of these PDFs do get lost on-line over the decades and places that offer copies are sometimes dubious enough that I prefer not using them.

2nd: Is there any reason I should keep any of the Canon Software disks, I never used one for anything - does anybody?
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