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104 camera types available for testing

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104 camera types available for testing
« on: 02 / June / 2018, 20:29:39 »
I figured it would come in handy to know what cameras I still have and what FW versions they are.

So, I made a list. This is what we can use for testing as of 2018-06. I might complete the Powershot A and ELPH series again one day. I don't think I'll get the Powershot SX models I no longer have again, but who knows what happens. The general focus was on anything supported that did not shoot RAW natively. Anything that does won't be on my list.

O: CHDKPTP tests performed.

PowerShot A Series (all - until another gets ported)   
A410    100F O
A420    100B O
A430    100B O
A450    100D O
A460    100D O
A470    101B O
A480    100B O
A490    100E O
A495    100F O
A530    100A O
A540    100B O
A550    100C O
A560    100A O
A570    101A O
A580    101B O
A590    101B O
A610    100E O
A620    100F O
A630    100C O (shutter stuck, black images, no tests involving actual photos)
A640    100B O
A650    100D O
A700    100B O
A710    100A O
A720    100C O
A800    100B O
A810    100E O
A1000    100B O
A1100    100C O
A1200    100C O
A1300    100E O
A1400    100B O
A2000    100C O
A2100    100A O
A2200    100D O
A2300    100F O
A2400    100D O
A2500    100A O
A2600    100D O
A3000    100D O
A3100    100D O
A3200    100A O
A3300    100D O
A3400    101A O
A4000    101B O
PowerShot D Series (incomplete after 2009)   
D10    100B O
PowerShot ELPH Series (incomplete after 2009)   
IXUS125 (ELPH110HS)    100E O
IXUS135 (ELPH120)    100B O
IXUS145 (ELPH135)    100C O
IXUS150 (ELPH140)    100C O
IXUS160 (ELPH160)    100A O
IXUS175 (ELPH180)    100C O
IXUS 185 (ELPH185)    100A O
IXUS220 (ELPH300HS)    101A O
IXUS240 (ELPH320HS)    100D O
PowerShot G Series (THE ONE WITHOUT NATIVE RAW and a few others)   
G7    100I O
G9    100D O
G11    100K O
PowerShot S Series (ALL WITHOUT NATIVE RAW)   
S1IS    102
S2IS    100F O
S3IS    100A O
S5IS    101A O
S80    100G O
PowerShot SD Series (all - until another gets ported)   
IXUSIZOOM (SD30)    100G
IXUS30 (SD200)    100K O
IXUS40 (SD300)    100K O
IXUS50 (SD400)    101A O
IXUSW (SD430)    110A O
IXUS55 (SD450)    100D O
IXUS700 (SD500)    101B O
IXUS750 (SD550)    100G O
IXUS60 (SD600)    100A O
IXUS65 (SD630)    100A O
IXUS800 (SD700)    100B O
IXUS75 (SD750)    101A O
IXUS85 (SD770)    100A O
IXUS100 (SD780)    100C O
IXUS90 (SD790)    100D O
IXUS850 (SD800)    100D O
IXUS950 (SD850)    100C O
IXUS860 (SD870)    100C O
IXUS870 (SD880)    100E O
IXUS970 (SD890)    100C O
IXUS900 (SD900)    100C O
IXUS120 (SD940)    103B O
IXUS960 (SD950)    100C O
IXUS110 (SD960)    101D O
IXUS200 (SD980)    101C O
IXUS980 (SD990)    100E O
IXUS70 (SD1000)    101A O
IXUS80 (SD1100)    101B O
IXUS95 (SD1200)    100C O
IXUS105 (SD1300)    100D O
IXUS130 (SD1400)    100C O
IXUS300 (SD4000)    100D O
IXUS1000 (SD4500)    100D O
PowerShot SX Series (incomplete after 2009)   
SX10    102B O
SX20    100F O
SX30    100E O
SX100IS    100C O
SX110IS    100B O
SX120IS    100B O
SX170IS    100A O
SX200IS    100D O
PowerShot TX Series (THE ONE)   
TX1    101B O
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Re: 87 camera types still available for testing
« Reply #1 on: 12 / August / 2019, 13:42:28 »
Added 3 to that list, updated missing FW details.
Added 5 more on 2019-08-18.
Added 2 more on 2019-08-19.
Added 5 more on 2019-09-07.
Added 3 more on 2019-09-12.
Added 1 more on 2019-10-05.
Found one that was missing on the list 2019-11-10
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