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94 camera types still available for testing

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94 camera types still available for testing
« on: 02 / June / 2018, 20:29:39 »
I figured it would come in handy to know what cameras I still have and what FW versions they are.

So, I made a list. This is what we can use for testing as of 2018-06. I might complete the Powershot A and ELPH series again one day. I don't think I'll get the Powershot SX models I no longer have again, but who knows what happens. The general focus was on anything supported that did not shoot RAW natively. Anything that does won't be on my list.

PowerShot A Series (all but A3300)   
A410    100F
A420    100B
A430    100B
A450    100D
A460    100D
A470    101B
A480    100B
A490    100E
A495    100F
A530    100A
A540    100B
A550    100C
A560    100A
A570    101A
A580    101B
A590    101B
A610    100E
A620    100F
A630    100C (shutter stuck, black images, no tests involving actual photos)
A640    100B
A650    100D
A700    100B
A710    100A
A720    100C
A800    100B
A810    100E
A1000    100B
A1100    100C
A1200    100C
A1300    100E
A1400    100B
A2000    100C
A2100    100A
A2200    100D
A2300    100F
A2400    100D
A2500    100A
A2600    100D
A3000    100D
A3100    100D
A3200    100A
A3400    101A
A4000    101B
PowerShot D Series (incomplete after 2009)   
D10    100B
PowerShot ELPH Series (incomplete after 2009)   
IXUS125 (ELPH110HS)    100E
IXUS220 (ELPH300HS)    101A
IXUS240 (ELPH320HS)    100D
PowerShot G Series (THE ONE WITHOUT NATIVE RAW and a G9)   
G7    100I
G9    100D
PowerShot S Series (ALL WITHOUT NATIVE RAW)   
S2IS    100F
S3IS    100A
S5IS    101A
S80    100G
PowerShot SD Series (all but SD4000)   
IXUSIZOOM (SD30)    100G
IXUS30 (SD200)    100K
IXUS40 (SD300)    100K
IXUS50 (SD400)    101A
IXUSW (SD430)    110A
IXUS55 (SD450)    100D
IXUS700 (SD500)    101B
IXUS750 (SD550)    100G
IXUS60 (SD600)    100A
IXUS65 (SD630)    100A
IXUS800 (SD700)    100B
IXUS75 (SD750)    101A
IXUS85 (SD770)    100A
IXUS100 (SD780)    100C
IXUS90 (SD790)    100D
IXUS850 (SD800)    100D
IXUS950 (SD850)    100C
IXUS860 (SD870)    100C
IXUS870 (SD880)    100E
IXUS970 (SD890)    100C
IXUS900 (SD900)    100C
IXUS120 (SD940)    103B
IXUS960 (SD950)    100C
IXUS110 (SD960)    101D
IXUS200 (SD980)    101C
IXUS980 (SD990)    100E
IXUS70 (SD1000)    101A
IXUS80 (SD1100)    101B
IXUS95 (SD1200)    100C
IXUS105 (SD1300)    100D
IXUS130 (SD1400)    100C
IXUS300 (SD4000)    100D
IXUS1000 (SD4500)    100D
PowerShot SX Series (incomplete after 2009)   
SX10    102B
SX20    100F
SX30    100E
SX100IS    100C
SX110IS    100B
SX120IS    100B
SX200IS    100D
PowerShot TX Series (THE ONE)   
TX1    101B
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Re: 87 camera types still available for testing
« Reply #1 on: 12 / August / 2019, 13:42:28 »
Added 3 to that list, updated missing FW details.
Added 5 more on 2019-08-18.
Added 2 more on 2019-08-19.
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