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Clean Canon overlays (G7X II, G5X; EOS M10, M3, also M5, M6, M100 via script)

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I know this topic is a bit older, but once again I wanna thank you all for your effort.
I am using the M5 and the clean HDMI output has bothered me for a long time and finally I have a working solution.

Now another problem:
Is there any way to flip/ mirror left to right, the hdmi output?

There is a build in function "reverse display" that does exactly what I want. Unfortunatly it is only applied to the internal screen, when flipped in "selfie position".

I would like to use the camera as a wedding photobooth with a build in monitor.
Hardware solutions to flip the HDMI signal are quite expensive and I would like to avoid a computer software solution.

Best regards

Re: Clean Canon overlays (G7X II, G5X; EOS M10, M3, also M5, M6, M100 via script)
« Reply #171 on: 26 / September / 2022, 12:47:46 »
i register an account for thanks your and your efforts! my camera is canon eos m6,by reading the wiki,i finally understand all the step!if you are new here too,just follow me:
1.low format your SD card
2. Downlo EosCard (
3.put SD card to your PC (windows)
4. Open EosCard refresh, see the fat16 or fat32,check the "Script"(make canon can read your script)
5.use notepad Create two script

First "script.req"(not saved by ".txt")
Code: [Select]
for DC_scriptdiskSecond  "extend.m"
Code: [Select]
DIM palette_buffer_ptr = 0x11d4c
DIM active_palette_buffer = 0x11d44
DIM palette_to_zero = 0
private sub RegisterProcs()
end sub
private sub Initialize()
    adr = *palette_buffer_ptr
    adr = adr + (palette_to_zero * 4)
    if *adr <> 0 then
        adr = *adr + 4
        memset(adr, 0, 256 * 4)
    end if
end sub
6 move to SD Card
7 turn on camera playmode press set

Re: Clean Canon overlays (G7X II, G5X; EOS M10, M3, also M5, M6, M100 via script)
« Reply #172 on: 04 / December / 2022, 16:39:03 »
Hi, I've been having trouble getting the clean overlay and disable display off script to work on my M6 running firmware 101a. When I open to playback mode and press SET, the screen turns off with no HDMI output. I believe the camera is supposed to show the shooting mode without the focusing box. If I half/full-press the shutter or press the playback button, the camera wakes and sends me to shooting mode or playback mode. The focusing box is still present in shooting mode. I did not find anyone else online with this issue.

I've tried both the scripts from zeerow and srsa_4c. For the latter, I removed the firmware check. Every time I prepare the card with EOScard, I use HxD following this tutorial to ensure that the card has been properly prepared. I am using .req and .m files with the proper scripts in each and upload them to the root of the memory card.

Other things I've tried:
- 3 different micro SD cards: 512 MB, 1 GB, and 32 GB card
- Low and non-low level card formatting on my camera and computer
- FAT and FAT32 formatting
- Changing shooting modes after the screen turns off. The screen remains off.
- Trying every shooting mode
- Saving the script.req and extend.m files with ANSI and UFT-8 encoding
- 2 different lenses: 22mm and 15-45mm
- Keeping the 15-45mm lens locked and unlocked
- Keeping the HDMI cable in and using no HDMI cable
- Running EOScard as admin
- Write protecting the card with the card's physical switch when pressing SET
- Resetting the camera settings

I also noticed that changing camera settings did not save after waking the device. For example, I would start with a shutter speed of 1/40, change that to 1/20, press the playback button, press SET, the display would turn off, wake the device with the shutter or playback button, and see that the shutter reverted back to 1/40. This happened for every setting including settings in the menu, aperture, ISO, manual/autofocus, white balance, etc.

I apologize for the long post. What seemed like a fun project to repurpose my M6 has become a tedious task of reformatting and trying different combinations of configurations, so any advice would be appreciated.

I seem to have fixed my issue above, although I am not sure how.

I formatted an SD card in FAT32 (Quick Format deselected in Windows) and prepped using EOScard as before. Removing the LockMainPower() line from zeerow's script (similar to srsa_4c's script) and pressing SET in playback mode did not lead to the screen turning off. Half-pressing the shutter to return to shooting mode showed a clean overlay. Great, but the display would still go to sleep eventually.

I put LockMainPower() back into the script (now the script is the same as zeerow's), and now I get a clean overlay and display off disabled? I'm not sure why the script would work now since it is identical to zeerow's. As an experiment, I formatted and prepped a new card and copied zeerow's script again. This led to the problems I had before where the screen would turn off.

Interestingly, I copied the script I had from the working SD card onto this new card, and now the new card works! My script and zeerow's script are identical, so I do not know what could be causing this.

In the end, while I do not know how, I now have a clean overlay on my M6 with the screen off function disabled.


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