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EOS M3 porting

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Re: EOS M3 porting
« Reply #510 on: 27 / March / 2019, 18:09:27 »
Can anyone confirm that GRIDS works with the current build for the M3? Particularly in conjunction with an evf?
As far as I know, the m3 port has no support for the evf. That means, when evf or hdmi is in use, the CHDK overlay becomes unusable/unreadable.
Even if evf was supported, CHDK grids need to be adapted to the resolution of the output device, which work has obviously not been done either (the EVF has higher res than the LCD).

Re: EOS M3 porting
« Reply #511 on: 27 / March / 2019, 19:50:44 »
Thanks for the clarification

Re: EOS M3 porting
« Reply #512 on: Today at 02:48:50 »
I don't have EVF-DC1 and this feature was not tested,
Yes I know that… I have one now  ;)

Even if evf was supported,

I did not expect the EVF to be supported by CHDK. However, CHDK seems to disturb the EVF. After loading, the top lines and one line in the middle are destroyed. If I open a CHDK menu, then almost half of the EVF is disturbed. Presumably some buffer will somehow be overwritten…

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Re: EOS M3 porting
« Reply #513 on: Today at 11:50:48 »

You can try modify display resolutions for EVF inside this function
Current display type can be found here


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