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S80 dump to start port

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Re: S80 dump to start port
« Reply #20 on: 17 / June / 2008, 04:41:23 »


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Re: S80 dump to start port
« Reply #21 on: 05 / August / 2008, 05:05:30 »

Were you able to make a dump of the 1.00f firmware of your powershot?  If yes, which way did you do?  With blinker method?  Or with pure software method?

I used the pure software method to dump the firmware. FYI, my S80 has firmware ver 1.01b.

Re: S80 dump to start port
« Reply #22 on: 10 / August / 2008, 18:02:42 »
A620 and SD450 are relased from canon at almost the same time as S80..
Maybe we can learn something from these builds?

Comment I don't think it possible to run orginal bios from SD card, at all..
Maybe I'm wrong, but, also if U where right will not the firmware read from the rom address of original FW, the id?


Re: S80 dump to start port
« Reply #23 on: 25 / February / 2010, 19:36:12 »
Been trying to dump my PS s80 gm1.00H firmware to save a copy of it before I downgrade to gm1.00G in order to use the beta CHDK for my Canon PS S80. 

I've used Cardtricks to get the dump but when I use the clean function it just runs forever and last popup message says "Trimming 11800064 Trailing 00".  I don't find any output of a bin file at the designated folder either.

Has anyone else tried to do this with the PS S80 firmware GM1.00H?

I'm not even sure if I should bother worrying about the downgrade back to G since there is no CHDK for that version anyway.


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