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Auto reconnect to Wi-Fi

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Auto reconnect to Wi-Fi
« on: 29 / December / 2018, 15:14:56 »
Hello Everyone!
I have an SX70HS where I want to automate some tasks. But over Wi-Fi. Camera will be mounted outside in an isolated enclosure. Problem is after a power cycle camera does not reconnect to the wifi.
I am looking a method to achieve this. Maybe menu navigation automation or just a startup config kind of thing.
Is this possible ?


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Re: Auto reconnect to Wi-Fi
« Reply #1 on: 29 / December / 2018, 16:08:42 »

the sx70 is a new DIGIC 8 camera. The only thing we know assume about its firmware is that it is no longer a PowerShot firmware.
Our Canon Basic dumper will very likely not work on it, and there's a good chance that my experimental Canon Basic script won't work either.
If you'd like to still try dumping it, you can try contacting a1ex as he already managed to dump another DIGIC 8 model (the EOS M50).

If you were only looking for for a quick hack, then I'm afraid that there isn't anything we can currently offer...

Re: Auto reconnect to Wi-Fi
« Reply #2 on: 29 / December / 2018, 17:29:22 »
Thanks for the direction. I pm'ed him. Will update here about the progress.


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