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PowerShot A520

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PowerShot A520
« on: 08 / January / 2019, 11:16:07 »
I've got a Canon PowerShot A520 and was wondering if I could use the firmware for the PowerShot A530 which is supported on this camera. The two cameras look almost identical. Does anyone know if this could cause problems? I don't care too much about the camera as it's old.

PowerShot A520
« Reply #1 on: 08 / January / 2019, 11:28:05 »
There is pretty much no chance that will work. CHDK must be ported and compiled specifically for each camera model and firmware version.

You could try dumping the firmware from your A520 so that we can compare it to the A530 but it's a really really really long shot they will be close enough.

Edit : got your model wrong. As srsa_4c points out, the A520 will not support a CHDK port.
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Re: PowerShot A520
« Reply #2 on: 08 / January / 2019, 11:30:21 »
Even worse, the a520 is an older, DOS-based model, no chance of a CHDK port.


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