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G7X II - need help finding led details.

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Re: G7X II - need help finding led details.
« Reply #30 on: 25 / May / 2019, 08:16:08 »
The '-x W' option worked for the G5X; but no luck with the G7X2 (gives the "Update file error" message).
The checksum seems to be word based, so using '-x W' is correct.

Turns out, parts of the fi2 validation process can be run individually. In sub_E04B3DBC, these are functions that get the open()'d FI2 file's descriptor as argument.
Functions with a single argument: sub_E052671E, sub_E05267F4, sub_E0526794
Function with 3 args: sub_E05266B8, see usage in disassembly.
Can you check the return values from these functions?

You can do that from Canon Basic, either printing the result on screen or to a file. The exec eventproc can be used to call a firmware function, similarly to "our" call_func_ptr.
Correct LCDMsg usage can be found in https://chdk.fandom.com/wiki/Canon_Basic/Scripts/Dumper#Improved_universal_dumper
The exec, Open, Close eventprocs are registered by System.Create.

Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out the firmware boot does work on the G7X2 - I had a mistake in the script I was using to copy files to the SD card so ended up with the wrong file.

Anyway the firmware boot behaves exactly the same as diskboot.bin - both my current boot code and your loader tests.

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