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« on: 23 / May / 2019, 12:50:57 »
I'm opening this topic here (and not in forum issues) because it doesn't necessarily need the forum admin's attention (I don't want to waste his time). I also don't want to make a report because I can't explain myself sufficiently in a one-line text.

I believe that this account is a spammer, but it managed to make posts that are a bit less nonsense than usual (better AI?). My reasons are:
- user name matches one of the templates I'm seeing recently (two capitalized names without space)
- made two posts after first login, posted text is generic
- we have another recent account using similar name template (UID 30989) that shows more obvious signs of being a spammer (it did not manage to post, fortunately)


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Re: Spammers
« Reply #1 on: 23 / May / 2019, 13:16:20 »
Good call. It fooled me initially because it's not far off the kind of posts we get in the non-canon cameras forum, but based on the number of exact matches in I banned and deleted the posts.
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