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Hopefully this is the right forum

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Hopefully this is the right forum
« on: 05 / July / 2019, 12:57:09 »
I've got a SX520HS from eBay(which for some magical reason has the Serial #s worn off both the box & the label! Coincidence I'm sure).  The device itself was in great shape but I fucked up during a mod.  I stripped out the mainboard in order to get access to the debug/JTAG?UART header as well as remove the 3 connectors for the battery since I'm wiring it with an 8.4V PS2 external power supply(works a treat!).  My problem arose when I was attempting to hook on to a really poorly chosen 3.3V tap(for the JTAG) and a few other less than godlike moves with the iron. I've not bridged any pins, no solder balls or splashes *but* I do believe I may be removed at least 1 SMD capacitor(I know the location) and 1 SMD(Resistor which I also know the location.).  Is there any kind soul you there who has high-res scans of the 520HS board that could hook a brother up/ I literealy just about this thing for the sole purpose of adding JTAG, UART and CHDK to combine with my motorized "microscope".  Normally I'm not such a clutz with SMD rework.  I blame the brain implants.

Any help is appreciated and thank you all for the great site!


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