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Ixus 185 porting thread

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Re: Ixus 185 porting thread
« Reply #30 on: 11 / July / 2019, 01:24:15 »
thanks for the help but it didnt seem to work... the menu button still doesnt work (it just brings up the camera menu.
Something else thats interesting on this firmware when i half press the shutter the script menu comes up as before but then the func/set button wont work to actually go in to select a script.
Oh and when i trigger the camera on CHDK (i cant load the UAV script) it does the same it clicks and the zoom extends and retracts but no picture is saved...
Is there any way i can help??
OK. At this point, please forget about loading a script and triggering the camera for a moment. The port apparently has problems, and those need to be solved first.

I'm attaching a build that is identical to the one I posted earlier. Only difference is that it can now be loaded via the "firm update" menu too. That will hopefully reduce the possibility of mixing up builds.

Since I can't figure out what's happening with the keyboard, can you make a short video that demonstrates what happens when you press various buttons?

If the keyboard is still a mess, then I guess the next move will be a test build with all task overrides removed and keyboard debug display added.

Good morning, so i downloaded your new version and it works perfectly!!! CHDK loads menu works and even the scripts looks like they work (i was able to take pics with it!!)

I think the fact that i was using the update firmware the entire time might have been the problem? i didnt use the autoboot (didnt know i had to) ill play with it some more and report back.
is there anything specific i should test or let you know>???

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE HERE!!! saved me buying other cameras!!!!

now to test a bit and then i can try mapping some places!!


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Re: Ixus 185 porting thread
« Reply #31 on: 13 / July / 2019, 16:43:14 »
I added the port to svn, mostly as-is.

If anyone with this camera would like to see this port in autobuild, please help us by doing tests and providing feedback. https://chdk.fandom.com/wiki/Testing


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