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Remote control of multiple cameras for video recording

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Re: Remote control of multiple cameras for video recording
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Advertisements recording issue was not our main issue.....

I'm trying to connect 64 cameras to one computer at a time, but this doesn't work.
May be it's a usb topology problem or performance problem for my computer.
Anyway, now only about 40 cameras are connected.
If anyone has any advice on this matter, please tell me.
@ ssarda  Re:- #1/ " recording..."
This will require lot's of post processing computing, when your multi-cam rig works, how will do the "post processing"

Some basic details of your multi-cam rig would also be helpful.

====Bad News====
SDM version 2.x dosent support the ixus185

====Good News====
The Ixus185 is very similar to the 65+ Ixus145 cameras that I have.

So I will, further, look into " recording..."

i.e. By using a VGA/HD mode (imager) change, that may be similar to the original, and proven, 3D Genlock Concept.
And also, another option using the self timer ("custom" & "costom" mode).


#2/ Taking multiple still images using the canon self timer. ("custom" & "costom" mode).

The "self timer" topic will be of interest to those bulding multi-camera rigs, and bullet time rigs.

The basic concept is to remotely trigger ""custom self timer", to Delay, then Record up to 10 still Hi-Res Images.
and to also remotely trigger a cheap (Low-Res) Pattern Projector's, but only during recording of the
"FIRST" of the Hi-Res Images, very useful when "post processing" the remaing still Hi-Res Image sequences.
This Delay would also serve as "Cue" for the start of any live "Action" sequences.


Ref #1:- "testing sync among more cameras" Reply #84
Ref #3:- SDM_Crt_Synch
Ref #3:- "SDM Fast Time-Laps Synch Test" by Stereo Maker on YouTube 12/09/2012
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