DIY.Housing for Ixus.

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Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #10 on: 02 / June / 2008, 13:52:42 »
a_str8, nice video.

but damn, bolts are in mm here in mainland Europe :-(

I think the european camera mounts are different. Just walk into a local camera shop ane they should be able to help you.


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Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #11 on: 02 / June / 2008, 14:36:23 »
yes, but we only have 6 or 7 mm threads.

I once asked and I was told "They make it non-standard on purpose" :-)

Camera mounts aren't different here, it's just that they use the inches standards for cameras.

Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #12 on: 02 / June / 2008, 16:43:42 »
well i googled it.and found this forum thread.
Quarter inch in metric?(thread size for tripod mount) - Canon Digital Photography Forums

very nice bikemount,would be cool with some kind of steady cam setup.
good job on the DIY vid A_Str8.
i love the fact that the making of that took longer than the actual

there is many possibillitys for mounting a camera,lets see some more creative
ways to mount/hide/protect ect the camera.

i myself likes to find new strange angels,and i would have mounted the camera
on the front forks lowest point.or somewhere low pointing back and up maybe...
im experimenting like crazy with timelapse atm.
i found a opensource program called monkeyjam,that i use to compile,
but it has got a limit to the amount of pictures it can handle it seems.


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Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #13 on: 04 / June / 2008, 12:00:47 »
never heared of virtualdub?
It is really easy if you have understood it once!

Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #14 on: 08 / June / 2008, 15:04:13 »
yeah heard of it,well got it,but ur correct sir,i did not understand it.
i tried to google,a sollution on how to batch import multiple pictures
in that program??it anyone knows of instructions on how to do that
pls.make a link.

Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #15 on: 08 / June / 2008, 15:43:21 »
It's a little confusing, but easy when you know how :)

Just click File -> Open Video File and choose the first file in the sequence.

Make sure 'Automatically load linked segments' at the bottom left is ticked.

(Then click Open.)

If you've made a timelapse from large images you'll probably have to downsize the view to fit in the screen, so

tick View -> Swap Input / Output panes


click Video -> Filters -> Add -> 2:1 reduction

Nice thing about Virtualdub is it's stunningly fast. Really good way to preview timelapse images (even straight off the memory card!) to see if they're worth keeping.


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Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #16 on: 08 / June / 2008, 16:55:52 »
also a good freeware that works ok: PhotoLapse

Re: DIY.Housing for Ixus.
« Reply #17 on: 09 / June / 2008, 15:45:52 »
Thanks a million for that tutorial Staylo.just what the doctor ordered.
and thx PhyrePhox,sounds like a interresting alternative,nice to have something to choose from,
and for the most they all got different strengths,


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