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RAW vs JPG Canon Ixus 175

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RAW vs JPG Canon Ixus 175
« on: 28 / August / 2019, 06:59:39 »
Hello, I recently acquired an ixus 175 compact camera for 35 euros
I decided to buy this camera for how small it is and why I heard it could be shot in RAW at 20 megapixels, that's crazy! 20 megapixels RAW for only 35 Euros and featherweight ??! I need to have that in my hands whatever it was

Feel free to buy it and after installing Chdk thanks to the great work of this community and @reyalp for the help in this thread: https://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=13063.0 I could start shooting in RAW

I will leave some samples of images in case someone like me is interested in this camera for RAW shooting

(Sorry for my bad English)

These are the results in a 100% crop
All images are taken at iso 100

The least saturated image with less contrast is the one shot in RAW

Then I leave the images in full size in case someone wants to download them, both the JPG and the RAW version



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Re: RAW vs JPG Canon Ixus 175
« Reply #1 on: 12 / September / 2019, 22:03:37 »
The quality difference is amazing. The RAW photos are much sharper and more details. This shows that no noise reduction algorithm is perfect and for daylight pictures I don't think so much noise reduction is needed.


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