Shutter speed/neutral density filter not working properly on SD870

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I just purchased an SD870 to use for kite aerial photography.  It's desireable to have a fast shutter speed of at least 1/500th, preferably 1/1000th to prevent motion blur when the camera's airborne.  I just tried a test shot of a bright but shadowy early morning subject and saw that the camera would chose 1/320th f/8.0 for the exposure.

I loaded Allbest Build 51 and set an overide shutter speed of 1/1000th.  The camera still shot the scene at f/8.0, so the photo was underexposed.  I tried playing with the neutral density filter setting (ND filter state), trying both the "in", "out", and "off" settings.  I get the same exposure no matter what ND filter state I choose.

Unfortunately, the camera doesn't have a Sports mode which favors fast shutter speed.  It does have a Kids and Pets mode, but that doesn't seem to affect the shutter speed/ND filter choice much at all.

It would be great if forcing a fast shutter speed with Allbest Chdk would make the camera choose the right ND filter state, or if we could simply force the ND filter state to choose the f/2.8 setting.

One other request:  it would be great if there was some way to force the LCD off while running a script to conserve battery power.

Thanks very much!
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Re: Shutter speed/neutral density filter not working properly on SD870
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Regarding battery power savings, try plugging a blank plug in the audio/video jack... On most Canons, that turns of the back-light but keeps the rest of the camera fully operational.

Also, try changing Image Stabilization to "shoot only" instead of continuous (if you camera has that option). It will also save some power (note, some people think that "shoot only" produces a better IS image, and others think that continuous may produce a better image--you will have to figure that one out for yourself).



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Re: Shutter speed/neutral density filter not working properly on SD870
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Blank plug (jack) works great on SD870 to shut off the LCD screen, thanks BB


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