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CHDK in China

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CHDK in China
« on: 31 / July / 2008, 03:28:49 »
In anm effort to maintain social harmony and build socialism with Chinese characteristics, China has apparently blocked access to the CHDK Wiki, which for me has been the place to go to find links to download scripts.  I lost one of my cameras on the day the Olympic torch came to town, it fell from my pocket when I climbed a tree to take a picture of the guy running along with the torch.  I've replaced the camera, but the card with my intervalometer script for my S3 IS was also lost at the same time.  I can't seem to access the wiki to download the script again, even using proxy servers (with the Olympics coming soon it's vital to society to keep people from having better intervalometers in their point and shoot toy cameras).  So I was wondering if anyboy here could provide me with an intervalometer script for running on the S3 IS.  I'm currenlty running the most recent Allbest build on my S3 IS so a script to work with that version would be ideal, but I could always switch to another build if that's necessary.  Downloading the CHDK builds is no problem, it's the scripts that I can't seem to access. 
Just a link to get to the scripts without going through the Wiki would solve my problem, or if somebody could post the script on this forum that would also work, this forum isn't blocked in the PRC (yet).
Thanks in advance if anybody can help me get an intervalometer script.


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Re: CHDK in China
« Reply #1 on: 31 / July / 2008, 05:00:42 »

you'll find some basic scripts in the source code tree: Assembla - trunk/script.
You can also search here in the forum, e.g. OMNI Intervalometer by Keoeeit, Optimising intervalometer on A610...

Attached you'll find print outs (PDF format) of the Intervalometer pages from the wikia, including the whole description...
You can create the script files by extracting the script code (text) from the pdfs, e.g. in Adobe Viewer with the Text Tool / by Copy & Paste...


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