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Canon EOS-M10 + Streaming

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Canon EOS-M10 + Streaming
« on: 27 / May / 2020, 15:53:14 »
Good evening everyone, I take advantage of this my first post to introduce myself, my name is Ivan I am Italian (sorry for my terrible English, I know), I have been aware of this community for a few days.
I need your help (if possible), I have a Canon M10, I would like to use it as a webcam for my contraction flow, but I have no elegant cam link (sales are over).
I tried with the canon utility, but it is not enabled with the M10.
Could anyone tell me if there are alternative methods or programs that allow me to use my M10 as a streaming webcam?

thank you so much for your time
have a nice evening!

Re: Canon EOS-M10 + Streaming
« Reply #1 on: 26 / September / 2020, 23:10:43 »
Yes, there is a way that I use to get the EOS M10 as webcam. In order to do that I am currently using a cheap HDMI Capture Card USB Chinese made, probably 10-15$ worth. And what about using Blackmagic or Elgato capture card? Well you could probably could using it too, even though expensive, and I would love to know the result ;)
For the connection cable, I am using ordinary end to end connector HDMI cable with HDMI converter on one end to the camera. Then just plug and play to get the captured display result.
One thing for sure, if you still using the original firmware, that you can't get long captured display result since the original firmware limit the camera's time for maximal 3 minutes (wih Power Saving setting OFF)

This is where CHDK came into rescue. At this moment, I am using CHDK versions 1.5.0 prealpha built with constraint of constant flickering, but if you choose manual mode without Auto Focus (AF) enabled, as far as I know its OK.
Just read the instruction of how to install the mods, googling how to install CHDK would be great help if you are a first time beginner. When CHDK already running, go to the menu "CHDK SETTING" and choose "Disable LCD Off" to "ALWAYS". That way the camera display won't go blank into sleep/power saving mode. In order to complete and getting clean HDMI output from camera, you should pressing INFO button few times.
Ooh and one thing, your camera temperature will be rising up, and since I don't use dummy battery for extended use, I still haven't any clue of how long this camera will hold. So far by using standard battery, I could only power it up on OBS for about one++ hour or so.

Cheers and good luck  :D

Re: Canon EOS-M10 + Streaming
« Reply #2 on: 20 / February / 2021, 03:46:43 »
I did exactly the same. The capture card reports a FHD video resolution, but to my eyes it looks like upscaled SVGA.  gphoto2 can stream video over USB (no HDMI capture card needed), but the resolution is very low (NTSC).
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Re: Canon EOS-M10 + Streaming
« Reply #3 on: 20 / February / 2021, 10:55:58 »
The capture card reports a FHD video resolution, but to my eyes it looks like upscaled SVGA.
Try recording video in-camera while using the HDMI capture device. Make a snapshot from the HDMI output and compare it to the recorded video.


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