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Ixus 240 HS

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Ixus 240 HS
« on: 21 / July / 2020, 06:06:39 »
Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I'm trying to use CHDK with the Ixus 240 HS and I'm literally stuck at the step "Start CHDK manually by selecting the Firmware Update option in the Canon menus." I can't find any such option in the Ixus menus!

(Longer version. I started out trying to use the Stick method but Stick's "xcopy" stage failed. I managed to do the copy manually by adding /g to the xcopy command:
xcopy CHDK E:\CHDK /e /i /y /g
so now I have a CHDK folder on my SDCard but I don't know whether I should expect that to work or not, so now I'm starting halfway through "Method 2". But as I say, I can't find the darned update option in the menus, so I'm kind of stuck.

Re: Ixus 240 HS
« Reply #1 on: 21 / July / 2020, 09:18:26 »
Ah, ok, found it. At the very bottom of the leftmost menu tab.

Re: Ixus 240 HS
« Reply #2 on: 21 / July / 2020, 10:21:18 »
And now it's disappeared again. What am I doing???

Re: Ixus 240 HS
« Reply #3 on: 21 / July / 2020, 10:51:43 »
Looking at the IXUS240/ELPH320 porting thread,  it appears loading CHDK on that camera with the firmware update method is not reliable. 

link > Re: IXUS 240/ELPH 320 HS Porting thread

However, to your specific problem,  you have to start the camera by pressing the Play button on the back lower right of the camera.  Not the On/Off button.  Then go immediately to the Canon menu and scroll down to the bottom. 

And you really should try to get the "SD Card Lock" booting method working. Using the firmware update method quickly becomes tedious.  Complete instructions are here : Prepare your SD card , including a link to the CHIMP utility for Windows if STICK won't work for you. 

FYI - most problems with STICK occur when people run on a MAC, or on Linux & Windows they don't use the starter script that elevates the privilege level  for the actual java applet.

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