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Re: CHDK AstroKam Support
« Reply #90 on: 21 / July / 2020, 14:28:58 »
Alternatively, I know that AstroKam works on A810, SX230 and SX530 which are all very cheap second hand. I would go for the 530 because of its zoom lens.
FWIW, I'd be quite surprised if the error soul-d saw is related to the camera model. It seems like the error is about accessing the USB driver at all, before it does any actual communication.

seems there is also big second hand market for EOS series,
so think its probably smarter to get one of those for primary instead of trying to hack compact version.
there not that much more expensive then sx230 and cheaper then sx530
FWIW, the EOS M10 and M3 are supported by CHDK. You might find the M10 quite cheap used. Many other EOS cams are supported by Magic Lantern:
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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