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SD870 shortcuts

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SD870 shortcuts
« on: 15 / May / 2008, 12:43:13 »
Attached are the button shortcuts that work on my SD870 with AllBest build #50.

Originally I misinterpreted the "universal keys and shortcuts" section of the CHDK FAQ.  I thought that <ALT>+set, for example, meant to hold the Print/Share button and press the FUNC/SET button simultaneously -- like a PC or MAC.  Incorrect (and tough to do with my big hands).  So then I thought that I needed to enter <ALT> mode, then press the FUNC/SET button.  Closer, but not always true.  Experimentation reveals that entering <ALT> mode is necessary for some shortcuts, but some of the half-shoot shortcuts will work identically in both normal and <ALT> modes while one half-shoot shortcut (toggle Zebra) only works in normal mode.  So, for the SD870 at least, it is a bit more complicated than the "universal keys and shortcuts" section states.  And my results were, for the most part, different than the shortcuts mentioned in the FAQ (e.g., Toggle Histogram is half-shoot+down rather than half-shoot+up).

I'm still on a learning curve with both CHDK and my new SD870, which increases the probability of errors in the attachment.

Shortcuts where three question marks appear in the table mean that I could not detect any effect.

If your SD870 using AllBest is exhibiting different behavior please post your results.

Edit: Attachment revised to landscape mode.
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Re: SD870 shortcuts
« Reply #1 on: 17 / May / 2008, 20:06:33 »
Thank You for doing that.  I just got an SD870IS my self.

It does look like you need to change the paper layout to landscape and re-save the PDF though...

Re: SD870 shortcuts
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Re: SD870 shortcuts
« Reply #3 on: 18 / May / 2008, 09:15:46 »
An important correction discovered this morning: the Histogram shortcut actually cycles through the Histogram options (Don't, Always, Shoot) rather than just toggling the Histogram on/off.  (My misunderstanding of this fact led me to state in my previous post that the sequence of releasing the shutter button was critical during 1/2 shoot shortcuts  -- because I was using the Histogram shortcut for testing and was misinterpreting the results.)

Also, changes made via the shortcuts survive the power off/on cycle.

The updated shortcut table is shown at the bottom of the first page of the attachment.  Rather than extracting the shortcut table each time, I decided to attach my complete double-sided cheat sheet.


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