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Script for sharper pics?

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Script for sharper pics?
« on: 18 / May / 2008, 10:44:44 »

I wanted to know if any of you is planning on releasing a script for making images sharper. I know I can do it with imagemagic, but I was wondering if there is any possibility that I get it in the camera.

It would  be like
  • take_pic
  • make_sharp
  • save_sharp_pic
  • delete_not_sharp_pic

Any help will be welcomed :)


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Re: Script for sharper pics?
« Reply #1 on: 18 / May / 2008, 11:03:25 »
Well... this isn't really a scripting task. Probably not even a new feature request.

We don't have a sharpening command in ubasic, but more importantly we don't have much of any file i/o in ubasic either. So, currently such a thing would better suit in the CHDK file browser along with the RAW manipulation things. As we don't have versatile JPEG decoder/encoder code in CHDK either, this would be for RAW only anyway (RAW can be converted into JPEG in-camera by RAW develop).

So basically what you probably really would like is a CHDK option to do for each of your shots when your sharpening mode is enabled

1) shoot to raw file
2) apply filter to raw file
3) raw develop using the same camera settings as in 1)
4) delete original jpg, and delete raw (optionally)

But since this is something that really is best done outside the camera for best results (not all images benefit from the exact same filter, and the camera already may be doing such things in it's own jpeg develop process), this feature is probably something you'd have to code yourself... but if it happens to closely match those custom curves thingies some people have been working on, you may be in more luck.


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Re: Script for sharper pics?
« Reply #2 on: 18 / May / 2008, 13:04:23 »
Also, check through your camera's options... Many (all?) of the current AxxxIS series cameras have adjustable contrast, sharpness, and saturation settings (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2).

For the A720IS (and confirmed available in the A590IS), set your mode to "P" or one of the manual modes. (not available in the automatic modes).

Push "Func/Set" to get the menus on the left of your screen.

Scroll down below "drive" (or the square box) and you will find (what I guess to be a paint brush). Use the "left/right" arrows to scroll to "Custom Colors". Push "Disp" once, and use the left/right to set value, and the up/down arrows to select the three different variables (contrast, sharpness, and saturation). Push "Disp" to exit the menu.

Note that once you put "extra sharpness" in--it can make post processing in Photo Shop a bit more problematic as you may get more artifacts around edges that PP/PS will just make worse.



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Re: Script for sharper pics?
« Reply #3 on: 18 / May / 2008, 13:34:52 »
Ah, forgot all about that one... the a570is has this feature as well.


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Re: Script for sharper pics?
« Reply #4 on: 18 / May / 2008, 14:22:20 »
Oh, nice - the IXUS 860is has this feature too, something hidden under "My colors" - "Custom color" (contrast / sharpness / saturation), available in manual, digital macro and video mode.

On the older IXUS 50 there's an alike setting under "Effects" - "Low sharpening", in the "My colors" mode only R,G,B an "skin tone" can be adjusted, not contrast, sharpness or saturation.

So sometimes i need a hack like CHDK to discover the real power of things i use daily  ;)


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